I service my Toyota vehicle

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I service my Toyota vehicle

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Why should have your vehicle serviced at CAMI Motors

Prices at a glance
Our prices are clear and displayed throughout our workshops. Our packages include spare parts and labor rates.

Warranty - Original spare parts
The manufacturer’s original spare parts have gone through thousands of hours of research and testing, are covered by hundreds of patents and have been crash-tested to guarantee vehicle quality and driver safety. By trusting CAMI for servicing, you can be sure that you are purchasing original parts; you have the best driving performance and maximum safety for everyone aboard.

Fully equiped workshops
CAMI Motors’s workshops have access to state of the art tools and diagnosis features, needed to make you car last longer.

Staff trained to the latest technology
The technical evolution of vehicles requires highly trained experts to ensure good after-sales service. In conjunction with the manufacturers, CAMI Motors provides regular training for its employees.

For regular car service, you can use the quick-service workshop. We will take care of your car without having to book in, and you will benefit from expert advice. The quick-service is fast, offers high quality standards and a comprehensive checkup for your vehicle.


Your new vehicle is covered : *3 years / 100 000 km whichever occurs first.

  • Maintenance and repair: Toyota vehicles with manufacturer-approved spare parts.
  • Diagnostics carried out: Using electronic tools supplied by Toyota.
  • Your repair guaranteed three months: Based on the date of your invoice for the work carried out.
  • A qualified technical team: Benefitting from regular training in our Toyota training centre in Cameroon.
All conditions and the warranty period are detailled in the warranty and maintenance booklet given to each customer at the time of delivery of the product in CAMI Motors premises.
* Warranty conditions have to be checked in CAMI’s network.

Servicing Packages

The manufacturer’s servicing packages are a set of clear and attractive offers. They gather the maintenance and simple jobs such as oil changes, tyres, brake pads…;

The services packages make your car benefit from professional maintenance plan, following manufacturer’s recommendations, using genuine spare parts, keeping it within a tight budget. You will have a full-point safety check for your vehicle, to make sure you are in complete serenity. To have the smoothest and most relaxed driving experience possible, discover our current package.

Just call us or make an appointment directly on-line using the Contact form.

Recall Campaigns

With a constant concern for quality, transparency and complete satisfaction of its customers, TOYOTA organizes a safety recall campaign concerning the passenger or driver airbags of certain models.

Certain types of airbag inflator system produced by the TAKATA supplier present a risk of moisture absorption, which may lead to an abnormal deployment of the driver or passenger front airbags in the event of an accident.

The affected models are: YARIS, produced between 2006 and 2013 - COROLLA, produced between 2003 and 2016 - AVENSIS, produced between 2003 and 2008 - RAV4, produced between 2003 and 2005 - HILUX and FORTUNER, produced between 2005 and 2015.

The recall operation consists in replacing the front driver or passenger airbag inflator.

This intervention is absolutely free of charge for the customer.


Check if your vehicle is part of the recall campaign by searching by VIN*

*Where can I find my VIN number?

Your vehicle's VIN number appears on your vehicle's registration papers.

You will see a 17-character long number with numbers and letters: this is the VIN number.

This code is also present at least in two locations on your vehicle:

§ The windshield, bottom left

§ The manufacturer plate: it can be marked cold, engraved or punched on the engine. Sometimes it is printed on a label, itself attached to the engine.

§ Inside the car: at different locations, such as the floor or trunk

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Toyota Care

TOYOTA CARE in a nutshell 


It's simple and convenient ...

Join the family TOYOTA CARE ensures that your vehicle is maintained with Genuine Toyota Parts and by skilled and certified Toyota technicians.

This concern for efficiency, customer satisfaction, helping to establish a fixed budget soon acquisition, forces us to include zero cost the maintenance program for the purchase of your new Toyota vehicle, for 12 months / 25 000 kilometers whichever comes first.

This service offers maintenance of your vehicle every 5000 kms according to the Toyota maintenance plan, taking into account the standards in Africa.

This offer includes* :

  • Filters replacement and engine oil change according to Toyota maintenance plan
  • Tyres check and permutations, tyres pressure  
  • Multipoint inspection following Toyota check list
  • Inspection and adjustment of fluids levels
  • Roadside assistance



*The insurance, mission expenses, towing are excluded

Main benefits of the contract ...

  • You drive a new vehicle with maintenance services performed according to Toyota standards
  • You have a vehicle that is still in perfect working order
  • You benefit from a simple and unique formula for better management of your cash flow
  • You avoid wasting time on settlement, you don't have to pay anything
  • You maximize the resale value of your vehicle


TGMO oils

As essential as water for our bodies or the sun for plants, oil gives your engine the protection it needs to function and continue to provide you with optimal performance.

Toyota engines are engineered to achieve unmatched levels of performance, efficiency and reliability over their lifetime, whatever the conditions. However, to ensure such a level of resistance, they must be regularly maintained and require the highest quality oil available.

TOYOTA Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) is the only lubricant specifically designed for the specificities of your car. Unlike other brands, TGMO lubricants go through a rigorous testing and development process within TOYOTA models to ensure they meet the exact needs of your engine.

TOYOTA Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) is the only lubricant specifically designed for Toyota engines. Unlike other brands, TGMO lubricants go through a rigorous testing and development process within TOYOTA models to ensure they meet the exact needs of your engine.


Here are some of the benefits of TGMO for your engine:

Protection: A thin, tough protective film allows engine parts to work together. Without this protection, the engine overheats and seizes.

Power: TGMO helps to fill the space between the piston and the cylinder wall which allows your engine to offer you maximum power.

Savings: TGMO ensures the efficient operation of the engine, reducing fuel consumption.

Reliability: TGMO prevents deposits from forming and keeps your engine clean while preventing piston rings from seizing.

Longevity: TGMO neutralizes corrosive byproducts generated by the combustion process ensuring a longer life for your engine.

Versatility: TGMO assures you that your engine will give you exceptional performance whatever the weather conditions and driving styles.


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